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Risk Reduction Worker

The majority of the people who are supported by Pathway Project are supported via outreach support. Outreach is our Risk Reduction workers, Children’s worker, ISVA’s, Housing worker and also our mental health worker.
Most of the service users that work with us receive this support on a 1 to 1 basis either in their own home (if it is safe to do so), an agreed safe place for example a coffee shop or at our drop in centre  the ‘Hope Centre’ in Lichfield.

The Risk Reduction team have helped thousands of adults over the years by providing both practical advice and emotional support.
Often practical issues can be huge obstacles when making decision about if you should end a relationship, they can appear overwhelming, and this is why we can help you in the following areas:

For all issues surrounding domestic abuse and housing options: Council, Housing Association, Private Rentals, Owned properties, Refuge etc we can refer you onto our specialist housing worker.

Income: Benefit advice/calculations, budgeting.

Debts: Advise on options available, often not as scary as you think!

Legal Options: Non-molestation orders/Occupation Orders /talking to the Police/child contact

Signposting: We can be the link to help you get involved with Pathway groups, Counselling, Alcohol and drug services, family support workers etc.

In addition to the above, for many people simply having someone to talk to on a regular basis helps them to realise that they are not on their own. We can listen to the difficulties faced, provide you with resources to enable you to make up your own mind based on the research material we have available. We can be on the end of the phone in times of crisis to support you through difficult times and decisions.

To access our Risk Reduction service you simply need to call our 24 hour helpline number and a referral will be made to us.

Risk Reduction Officer

This service focuses on reducing levels of risk to women in refuge, and ensuring this continues out into the community. This post has an IDVA (Independent Domestic Violence Adviser) trained worker who is able to complete MARAC (Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference).
Our Risk Reduction worker much like an IDVA will normally work with their clients from the point of crisis to assess the level of risk, discuss the range of suitable options and develop safety plans. Our Risk Reduction Officer will then implement the plans, which address immediate safety, including practical steps to protect themselves and their children, as well as longer-term solutions.

Mental Health & Domestic Abuse Specialist

Domestic abuse can have a huge impact on your mental health. Research has found that domestic abuse victims are three times more likely to suffer with their mental health. Abuse often leads to anxiety, depression and a string of other mental health disorders. In extreme cases it can often lead to attempts of suicide, substance misuse and perhaps eating disorders.

We are lucky to have a specialised domestic abuse and mental health worker at Pathway Project that can work with you as support for both your mental health and the abuse you may be going through or have gone through.

We find often adults do not seek help for their mental health alongside the abuse as they feel ashamed by the stigma attached to mental health and abuse.

Our MH & Domestic Abuse worker will work with you through a combination of one to one and group work, we aim to ensure that you are able to access a package of support that is tailored to meet your individual needs and understands the help you need without judgement.

Housing & Domestic Abuse Specialist

Our housing worker can help you create an effective support plan, provide emotional support and help you make long term plans for those dealing with issues around domestic abuse and housing.

Our housing worker will ensure you are informed of the full range of housing options available to them, and to facilitate access to this support in a way that best meets your needs, whilst enabling you to maintain tenancies and avoid eviction.  This will include support to enable you to remain in your property, rather than becoming homeless or entering into unsuitable temporary accommodations, that may further increase your vulnerabilities.

Our housing worker also works with our service users who have entered into temporary accommodation, by providing them with a programme of resettlement work that aims to ensure they are able to manage their tenancy, settle into a new community, and make
positive relationship choices. This support  is based in the community, including service user’s homes where risk appropriate, the Hope Centre, twenty units of refuge accommodation.

Independent Sexual Violence Advisor

As an organisation we understand how difficult it can be to talk about sexual violence, therefore we have established a service to provide support for anyone who has become victim of sexual violence of abuse.

Our Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVAs) is trained to provide emotional and practical support to survivors of rape, sexual abuse and sexual assault who have reported to the police or are considering reporting to the police.
This is a specialised sexual abuse service provision for men and women aged over 16. This service specialises in individuals needing support around current or historic sexual abuse.

Our ISVA can:

  • Offer a tailored support plan around your current or historic sexual abuse.
  • Provide accurate and impartial information to victims and survivors of sexual violence.
  • Provide emotional and practical support to meet the needs of the victim or survivor
  • Provide support before, during and after court
  • Our ISVA will work to ensure the safety of victims and survivors and their dependants.
  • Our lastly our ISVA will always provide a professional and confidential service.

Referrals can be made directly on our helpline 01543 676 800, or through Staffordshire Women’s Aid.

Young Women and Girls Worker

Our Young Women and Girls Worker is a very similar role to our ISVA – This service works with women and girls aged between 13-25yrs of age around issues of domestic and sexual abuse.
This service has a specialised focus on sexual abuse, including issues around CSE and grooming and is delivered by a trained young person’s Independent Sexual Violence Advisor. This programme of work includes support through reporting and court.