Volunteer Week

http://louisvillecsa.com/sawiciqe Volunteer Week 1st – 7th June 2018

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Pathway would like to say a very big thank you to all our brilliant volunteers, who continue to support our service.  You are the best!


If anyone is interested in becoming a volunteer, we are holding an open day on the 6th June at the Hope Centre between 10 and 2pm, or contact Lynnl@pathway-project.co.uk for further information.



“I am proud to play a small part in Pathway because it is a wonderful organisation.  I have learnt such a lot, and have really enjoyed watching many women grow strong and resilient in their time with Pathway.  Everyone involved with Pathway really cares about the victims of domestic abuse, and all are there to offer practical and emotional support in line with their needs and wishes.  The volunteers are valued and respected for their contributions, whatever they may be.  I am so glad I chose Pathway! “





“Volunteering for Pathways has surprised me in just how rewarding and informative it can be – Along with meeting some strong inspirational women, my knowledge of abusive behaviour has been considerably extended, I have received informative training that has given me additional perspectives and I have been supported with numerous choices on ways I choose to help. A friendly and supportive choice for a volunteer “



I’ve been a volunteer for Pathway for many years now and can honestly say it’s always a pleasure to do my weekly ‘job’.  I’ve met lots of really lovely people during that time, some who have helped me and some I hope I’ve helped. Being a volunteer is giving my time but I gain so much at my time with Pathway, there’s always something new to learn.  There are highs and lows, lots of sadness but also many laughs.  It’s a privilege to be part of such a professional organisation that really does change lives.  If you’re thinking of volunteering then come along and find out about the different roles there are and join a very special team, I’m sure you won’t regret it”.

I started volunteering for the pathway project in August 2017.

My intention was to gain experience in domestic violence to further my personal and professional understanding in this area.  I never imagined my journey would take me on something more than a learning experience in understanding the vulnerability of the victims of domestic violence.

I was given opportunities to look at the different areas that were off interest to me and I was supported in the relevant roles. I was given a choice of days and times I wanted to work. I recognised that I was most interested in peer support and I joined the peer support group. (I have never gone through the doors of the Hope Centre without being thanked…small word  …huge meaning)

Im still astounded at the amount of free training I have been offered in this short time. I have gained knowledge and insight that one would be expect to accumulate in years

I ve had training in

Safeguarding,  Child Protection,  Domestic Violence,  Sexual Abuse, Legal Training,  all delivered by trainers with a wealth of knowledge and experience in these fields.

Adding to my rich experience I ve attended the Self-care and Confidence building workshops. I attended the weekly groups  Social Sisters  and the now the new Learning groups.

Volunteering has offered me opportunities in networking with the local authorities, eg CAB ,(citizens advice burea), Lichfield Housing, Financial Authorities and Solicitors I have witnessed people not in their daily roles but staff that work from a personal depth of compassion, commitment and resilience restoring dignity that has long been trampled on or maybe never rightly owned to the people/victims of domestic violence. This has not alone impacted on my life but has taught me something much deeper at holding and honouring another.

My curiosity of the working and ethos of the pathway project was soon revealed to me.


In my journey to learn and gain understanding of domestic violence, I ve have a life changing experience, I feel privileged to work with such inspiring people who trusted me and taught me how to be a better person. As a woman I have gained a deeper understanding and acceptance of a part of life that can be often shunned under judgement and self-rightness.





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