Sexual Violence/Abuse – The ISVA service

As an organisation we understand how difficult it can be to talk about sexual violence, therefore we have established a service to provide support for anyone who has become victim of sexual violence of abuse.

The Pathway Project has formed an alliance with various organisations across Staffordshire, such as Staffordshire Women’s Aid (SWA). In order to create a service where you can be supported without the ear of someone judging you due to what has happened. Due to the alliance the SSIP has allowed the ISVA project to work as a team, so regardless of where you live in Staffordshire a specialist sexual violence worker known as ‘An Independent Sexual Violence Advisor’ (ISVA) will be able to help and guide you.

The ISVA based at the Pathway Project is able to support anyone that lives in Burntwood, Lichfield, Tamworth and a part of Burton-upon-Trent. In order to access the service you only need to call the SWA helpline number on 0870 2700 123 regardless of what part of Staffordshire you live in. We understand that it can be difficult to speak out and ask for help and therefore would like to point out to you how brave you are, seeking the support you require.

Who can an ISVA support?

Initially the ISVA service is available for anyone that has been sexually abused, regardless of whether it is historical or recent. The ISVA is able to support men or women from age 16+, although if you fall under the age bracket please contact either the Pathway Project on 01543 676800 or SWA on 0870 2700 123 To seek support from appropriate services. As we want to ensure that regardless of what has happened and at what age that we are able to put some support in place for you.

What is sexual violence/abuse?

As an organisation we feel it is important that you are aware that sexual abuse comes in many different forms. It can involve inappropriate sexually explicit words, sexual touching, and penetration. It is important for you to know however you perceive the sexual violence we will take it seriously and guide you to take appropriate actions for your safety. The different types of sexual violence are:

  • Child Sexual Abuse
  • Rape
  • Partner Rape
  • Sexual Exploitation
  • Sexual Harassment

If you are unsure of what you may have become victim too and what has happened doesn’t feel right please contact us. We are here to support you. Please remember if you are ever in immediate danger to contact the emergency services.

How can you be supported by an ISVA?

The ISVA service has been created to offer you any support you require. We are able to offer emotional support but aren’t counsellor’s. However we can refer you to counselling. We will assess you needs and decide in partnership what type of support you require. You can also be supported in the following ways by an ISVA:

  • Court support – we are able to offer you support and talk through the legal process so each step of the way we can explain what will happen/what to expect.
  • Any practical support required.
  • Emotional support as discussed above
  • Attend or make arrangements for you to go to a GUM clinic
  • Accompany you to the SARC
  • Housing – we can help you move
  • We can help you to put relevant orders in place depending on your requirements. For example restraining orders
  • We would assess your safety
  • Discuss the legal process from report to court
  • If you are struggling financially then we will be able to advise you of where to seek the appropriate help from. For example attending the local CAB
  • We can look at your support network to identify what support you already have in place
  • Health
  • Children – if you have any concerns about your children then we can look into further. It may be that we refer to an appropriate service to help

It is important to remember that the ISVA support isn’t a counselling service but we can provide emotion support along with any practical support required, as listed above.

Information for other agencies

As ISVA’s we are aiming to approach as many organisations as possible to make people aware of the service. If you would like an ISVA to explain further what we do please contact the SWA helpline number.

To make referrals to the ISVA service please contact the SWA helping number on: 0870 2700 123


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