The most important priority for us is your safety. For some people that means having to leave your home and start all over again. A daunting prospect for anyone. We know how hard that move can be and we are ready to give you lots of support as you make this move.

Intensive Support Centres (ISCs) are safe houses, where you will be able to stay until you are re-housed. You will get support and help with all the practical steps you need to make, and most importantly emotionally. Our buildings are regulated as houses in multiple occupations, so we have to meet standards safety and cleanliness. More importantly we have really good standards of support. It is not possible, for security reasons for you to look around our ISCs before making a decision, but there is information below about each building and we are happy to answer any questions you have.

The Support Centre staff are friendly and approachable, well qualified and have a wealth of experience helping women who have been victims of domestic abuse.
The staff will give women the time to express their feelings and emotions, respect their individual wishes and support them to engage with the services they need and to move forward into a secure and independent future.

Rebecca House
Rebecca House is a confidential safe house that offers support, a warm comfortable and friendly environment where women can stay either alone, or with their children.  It is in a central location, near all major facilities, parks, cinema, theatre and other popular leisure interests.There are six individual units where each family have their own sitting room.
All the rooms are furnished to a high standard, have their own bathroom and toilet and three of the rooms have their own cooking facilities. One of the units is completely fitted out for a disabled resident, with lowered kitchen units and a walk in shower.If the families wish to have company there is a communal lounge, a large general kitchen, a laundry room and a safe area for the children to play out. All the rooms can accommodate single women or women with children.

Eden Sanctury
The Eden Sanctuary is based in Lichfield and can accommodate 14 families.  We can have in excess of 25 children staying here with us at any one time. Each room, again, has self contained units, but it is on a much larger scale than Tamworth.

This Intensive Support Centre also has 24 hour staffing which enables us to provide support to women with more complex needs, both on a practical and emotional level.

What to bring…
If you have to leave your home in a hurry due to domestic abuse the most important thing is to leave safely.  If that means you have no time to pick up any belongings then don’t delay.  Your safety is paramount.  Sometimes there is time to grab the most important items that you need to take with you.   In consultation with our service users, who may have had to do this themselves, we have put together this list, in no particular order.

Documents which prove who you are – passport, driving licence etc

Medication which you need to take regularly

Your children – sometimes it can seem like the most sensible thing to leave and return for them later but this can lead to very lengthy court battles

Money  – if you have any cash take it

Bank card – draw money out before you leave your area so that there is no record on bank account details of where you have gone

Phone – probably contains all of the information you will need and precious photos but don’t forget your charger

Clothing – for you and the children

Personal precious items – anything that is of great sentimental value

Children’s favourite toys and dummies / nappies / snacks and formula


Details of your benefit accounts


We hope that this list is helpful and of course you can add other items which you would want or need to have with you.

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