4 Men – Service for male victims of domestic and sexual abuse

4Men is the new service for male victims of domestic and sexual abuse. 1 in 6 men suffer and historically it has been difficult for men to find services to support and help them. Pathway has now developed a service especially aimed at providing the support that male victims need at this distressing time in their lives. 

Our helpline 01543 676 800  is the first point of contact and anyone calling can access our range of services, get information and support, or just have someone to listen. We provide Risk Reduction Workers, counselling and legal appointments.

One call could change your life today and see you getting the help that you need to keep you safe and to begin to shape your future. Call us today if you are in need of  help and support.

Abuse is distressing and disruptive and we aim to help people to make choices about how they handle the abuse and the emotions that this brings. Talking is helpful and can sometimes clear your head and help to enable you to see a way forward. Whether the abuse is physical, verbal, sexual or emotional, the feelings and the impact is the same. We would really like to help so please feel free to call in and have a one to one chat with an experienced member of our team. You can then find out about other services that you can access.

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