Virtual Gifts Looking for the perfect Birthday gift? Are you running out of idea’s of what to buy everyone for Christmas this year? Virtual gifts are the perfect gift for any occasion.

I Need to buy Lasix The gift catalogue features goods and services that are continually provided by the Pathway Project to support women and their children experiencing domestic abuse. Buying a virtual gift for a friend or relative will not only support our cause but give them their very own unique gift. There are gifts to suit all budgets and you will receive a gift card to give to the recipient of their virtual gift.

Virtual gifts can be paid through pay pal or alternatively if you don’t have a pay pal account you can download our Virtual gifts order form at the bottom of this page and pay by cheque.

Children’s welcome pack -£4.00
All children when they come into the refuge are given a welcome pack, appropriate for their age and gender. The welcome pack consists of a drawstring bag with colouring books, crayons, cuddly toy and arts and crafts for decoration.

Welcome Pack – £8.00
The support we provide is that we are ready to help women who arrive at any time – day or night. Many of them arrive with nothing but the clothes they are wearing. We provide a welcome pack of food for them, including bread, milk, cereal, tea, coffee, squash, sugar, jam, tinned foods and dry pasta etc.

Volunteer Training and expenses – £8.00
Pathway Project wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the dedication and commitment of our Volunteers. Our volunteers help with a range of tasks such as driving, admin, fundraising and taking helpline calls. We incur costs for recruiting, training, CRB checks and mileage expenses.

Toiletry Bag -£10.00
The support we provide is that we are ready to help women who arrive at any time – day or night. Many of them arrive with nothing but the clothes they are wearing. We provide a toiletry bag which consists of soap, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, toothbrush, toothpaste, flannel, wash bag and tissues.

Children’s Outings – £10.00
During all school holidays we provide the children within our refuges 2 trips/outings per week. Trips can range from Whacky Warehouse, Zoo’s/Animal Farms, Cadbury World, Sea life Centre and Drayton Maor to name a few. The benefits of these trips is to raise the self esteem of children who have suffered domestic abuse, and give them opportunities to access activities they would otherwise not have had the opportunity.

Child’s Support Session – £15.00
Pathway is striving to maintain a quality lifestyle for Children, and our qualified children’s worker will spend one on one time with them. The children are often severely affected by the violence and abuse they have witnessed, and many of them have been targeted by the abuser – so the service we provide is vital.

Baby Supplies – £15.00
We provide women in refuges who have limited funds with baby supplies. This includes Nappies, baby wipes, baby monitors, bedding, baby powder and baby bath.

Creche Support – £20.00
Pathway Project provide creche services whilst the children’s moms are attending support groups that we run. Please help us by supporting the costs of our two creche workers so we can provide this vital service.

Self Help Support Session – £30.00
The self help group is a 6 week course consisting of a weekly 2 hour session that supports up to 6 women in any one group. The group is attended by women residing in our refuges as well as those in the community still living with abusive partners. The group is all about sharing experiences and looks at the impact of the abuse on the victim, why men are abusive to their partners, why is it so difficult to leave, how to stop getting into the same situation again and where to go from here.

The group is run by two experienced facilitators. We also provide a creche for the children, transport and refreshments. This self help support group is life changing for women experiencing domestic abuse.

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