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A message from Whitney

‘I really need your help. Without it I don’t know what will happen. My relationship has been getting more difficult every day and now I am living in fear. When I hear his key in the lock I want to run and hide. When he is in a good mood I am desperately trying to remember not to say anything that will upset him. When he is in a bad mood I fear for my life. The slightest thing becomes his excuse. Shouting is awful. He makes me feel that I am useless and my little girl looks so scared. The threat that it will move beyond shouting is always there. He pushed me against the wall last night and held me around the throat. I thought he was going to kill me. Today he went to work as if nothing had happened. I have collected my little girl from nursery – she has been crying all morning. I can’t go home. Please help me to find somewhere else to go. Please help me to be safe.’

If you have been moved by Whitney’s story and would like to help someone in her position you could do it by sponsoring a room. Giving money to help would pay for:
– A pack of toiletries to help when someone moves in
– A teddy or age appropriate toys for each child
– Food to keep them going until money is sorted out
– Help in keeping the room nicely furnished and decorated

Whitney was one of the lucky ones. She was able to get a space in a refuge. She was helped with her immediate needs. Her daughter was able to talk to our children’s workers, and Whitney also got to talk to her support worker. We helped Whitney to deal with all the things that had become huge blocks in her finding safety – legal advice, help to sort her money out, assistance to keep herself safe and a team of people who cared and helped her to build a new future for herself and her daughter.

Today Whitney is attending college. She wants to be a social worker and help other people. She has her own home and has decorated it and furnished it with our help. Her daughter is happily settled in school and contact arrangements are in place for her to see her dad in a safe environment. Someone gave the money that helped to make that happen for Whitney and her child. Today you could make that happen for someone else.

We know how tough times are at the moment. We know that you have to prioritise your own family needs, and we understand that your finances are limited. If you could consider helping our families this is what your money could do for us:

• £10 as a one off gift would supply the toiletries and emergency food for a family
• £10 each month would help to pay for crèches and someone for children to talk to about their experiences
• £5 each month would help to pay for groups and training so that people like Whitney are ready to live their life in safety
• £2 each month would help us to replace towels and bedding and make the rooms look comfortable and welcoming

Your gift could save the lives of women like Whitney and their children. Please help them today by making this pledge –whether as a one off or as a monthly gift. You can’t put a price on safety, but you could make safety a reality for someone.

We will contact all donors once a quarter and update them on the help they are providing. Of course we can’t send details of the family staying in the room you sponsor other than to say it is a woman with a baby, or a mum and 3 children. But you will know what they have been able to do and how you have helped.

You can give my setting up a standing order with your bank, or sending a cheque each month to the Hope Centre, payable to the Pathway Project. Please ring for more details.

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