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How did I get here?

Because you are reading this website, I would assume that you have an interest in abusive relationships. This may be because you are suffering or recovering from abuse, or someone you are close to is in that situation. Alternatively, you may be a professional, looking for a deeper understanding of the way that abuse works, and the impact that it has on victims.

So, if you have suffered abuse, what has happened that has made you look for help? How many of the following statements apply to you?

  • ‘I am suffering abuse – I want it to stop’
  • ‘I want to find answers to my problems’
  • ‘I want to understand what has happened to me and why’
  • ‘I want to someone to understand’
  • ‘I am hurting and I can’t cope any longer’
  • ‘I don’t know who to trust’
  • ‘I need help’

One of the big problems with domestic violence is that only sufferers really understand what it is like to be in that situation. As a survivor, and working with many other survivors, I hope that I can give you some practical ways of overcoming your abuse. Many of these will have originated in our self help groups. These are not just my feelings and experiences but those of many women I have worked with.

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