Have You Got A Minute?

Can I buy Abilify over the counter in UK Easy question isn’t it? Have you got a minute? We often hear from people needing help and sometimes all they want is for someone to stop and listen to their fears and concerns. Of course a minute often becomes a much longer conversation but that time we spend can change someone’s life. It might even save their life.

over the counter famciclovir If you have a minute you could consider sponsoring a service that would make a life changing difference to someone’s life. A simple standing order takes very little time to set up – but makes a lifelong difference.

Our helpline (not counting staffing which is funded separately) costs £1.03 per hour to operate. You could fund 1 hour or 5 each month and enable us to be there when someone finally plucks up courage to call.

A counselling session to help someone move on and cope with the huge trauma of abuse costs £10 per hour. You could fund a session each month and help someone to make their way through the pain.

For someone with children the problems intensify. The child who witnesses abuse carries that in their head with them forever, or until someone helps them to deal with it and then put it away. It costs £8 to pay for an hour with a distressed child and to enable them to break the cycle of abuse.

We can’t change the world but we can change life for one woman, one man, one child at a time, with your help. Any amount that you can give would make a huge difference.

Someone donated £10 yesterday. Today that money paid for Ruth to access the help her son Jack needed. He is 6. His life has been torn apart. He has had to leave his home, his toys, his cat and his family. He is living in a refuge and all normality has gone for him. However, he has had a play session which helped him to talk about the changes and share how he felt. He was reassured and given some new things to play with. He enjoyed some crafts and talked about his life and he was able to be a little boy again. He laughed for the first time since leaving. When his mom came to collect him he was talking excitedly about going to a new school and about other children in the refuge that he could play with. £10 did that for Jack. Could you make a difference to someone? Have you got a minute to do that?

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