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Lisinopril with a prescription Many organisations, companies and groups have taken up the brilliant idea of choosing a Charity of the Year. It’s a bit like adopting a great cause and being a part of making things happen for that year.

source url Pathway love being a ‘Charity of the Year’. We like to really interact with people who choose us. We love to tell you about the difference that your support makes in the lives of people who had lost all hope. You become part of our family and we love sharing photos and posts on social media to highlight our partnership.

There have been some sad stories about charities over the last months. We want to reassure you that Pathway will always work with the utmost integrity and if you sponsor us you are very welcome to come and see for yourself how we use your money.

We support people like Bev (name changed for safety) who came into our refuge heavily pregnant, having escaped a violent husband who created chaos and terror in the lives of their child and of Bev. She was able to take time to consider her future, her safety, and her response to the challenges in her life.

She was given one to one support, as was her child. She was helped with practical issues like setting up a bank account, claiming benefits, and applying for housing. She was also supported in preparing to move on in life. Bev has a great life now, a loving relationship and family, and a great job. People who supported Pathway, supported Bev and her family.

By choosing Pathway as your charity of the year you will be investing in the lives of people who have lost their way, who need a hand up and a service that supports them one to one, with a personal interest in seeing their lives improve and grow.

Please be part of our family, part of someone like Bev’s family, even though you will never know them personally.   They will be safe thanks to you.

If you want to hear more, or speak to someone about doing this, please contact us through talktoeve on our contacts page, and we will be happy to speak to you about it.

Thank you.

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