Pathway Project is a real grass roots service, which began in the late 80s when a woman tried to get help when her life was falling apart due to domestic abuse.

follow She was desperate, her children were living in constant fear and she felt that there was nothing left to live for. She reached out for help and found that there was little available, and that no-one really understood or knew much about domestic abuse and apparently she was a very isolated case.She finally managed to leave and found safety for herself and her three children with friends. The thought of others suffering in silence in that same living hell made her press on with the dream of opening a women’s refuge.

Amitriptyline no prescription online The reason that I know so much about this woman is that I am her. I have moved on in life now and although I feel like a different person I still remember what it felt like to walk in those shoes.

http://www.pasophe.org/jekadem Every service that Pathway has developed, from the 24 hour helpline which began in 1993 to our refuges, the first of which opened in 1994, came from that heart, that mind and that memory. Not just mine, but that of many women all living in their own little prisons of abuse. The oppressed women who long to escape.

Pathway has grown dramatically over the intervening years, but we still invest in the ideas and feelings of women who use our services. You get to be an expert by walking in those shoes. Not comfortable but you certainly learn a lot. Please have a look around our website. If you need help we are here for you, and will support you when you are ready to talk or find out more.If you are a professional Pathway has evolved into a highly professional but still very caring and down to earth service that women trust. Please look at our professionals information pages to find out more.We now have a wide range of services which suit the needs of most people. If you are unable to find what you need this if my personal invitation – e-mail me through talk to eve and we will do whatever we can to help. Pathway Project – still turning victims into survivors.From a woman proud to be a survivor

Kathy Coe

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